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Year ending June 2021

Our National Visitor Survey (NVS) results provide statistics on how Australian residents travel within Australia. You can find national, state and territory results for the:

  • number of trips taken
  • number of nights spent on a trip
  • amount spent on a trip.

You can also:

  • read about the factors influencing travel within Australia
  • see the changes compared over various timeframes impacted by bushfires and COVID-19.

Note: The summary results for the year ending June and June quarter 2021 are compared to the year ending June and June quarter 2019 pre-COVID periods. This is because results for the year ending June and June quarter 2020 were a large deviation from pre-pandemic levels.

Annual snapshot

Overnight spend

Year ending June 2021 | $61.3 billion | Down 21%

Overnight trips

Year ending June 2021 | 87.4 million | Down 23%

Nights on trip

Year ending June 2021 | 333.7 million | Down 17%

Quarterly snapshot

Overnight spend

June quarter 2021 | $19.6 billion | No change

Overnight trips

June quarter 2021 | 24.6 million | Down 19%

Nights on trip

June quarter 2021 | 90.7 million | Down 11%

Key results

Domestic trips and spend

For the year ending June 2021:

  • domestic overnight trips fell 23% to 87.4 million
  • spend fell 21% or $16.1 billion to $61.3 billion.

For the June quarter 2021:

  • Overnight trips were down 19% to 24.6 million on June quarter 2019. Spend was unchanged at $19.6 billion.
  • The improvement seen in the interstate market in March continued into June 2021. This was due to fewer border closures and the implementation of a half-price airfare program. Despite improvement:
    • overnight trips were down 26% to 7.0 million on June 2019
    • spend was down 6% to $9.9 billion.
  • Regional areas continued to fare better than capital cities. Overnight trips to regional Australia were down 12% to 16.8 million. However, spend was up 15% to $11.5 billion.
  • Australians continued to holiday domestically. Overnight holiday trips were down 9% to 10.9 million. However, spend was up 27% to $10.3 billion on June quarter 2019.

Total tourism

Domestic and international tourism losses have totalled $101.7 billion since the start of the pandemic. These losses comprised:

  • $38.3 billion for domestic overnight travel
  • $12.1 billion for domestic day trips
  • $51.3 billion for international travel.

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Explore overnight trips data

Interact with our data for domestic overnight trips for year ending March 2021. You can view the data by:

  • state or territory
  • capital city or region
  • interstate and intrastate trips
  • accommodation type
  • reason for travel.

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