Domestic visitor profiles

With the recovery of the tourism industry expected to be led by the domestic sector, there are opportunities for operators to target their offerings to home-grown visitors, particularly as Australians continue to face overseas travel restrictions.

These profiles focus on the on the different demographics and activities of domestic overnight visitors. If you’re an operator, this information will help you better understand the needs of this diverse market.  This will then support more informed planning and marketing decisions.

These profiles are not mutually exclusive and there will be crossover of visitors who fit into multiple categories. As such visitor numbers and spend will sum well above the 2019 totals.


How do I use the profiles?

The 22 profiles are divided into two parts.

  • I want to target… 12 profiles that describe who visitors are and what they want to do. Use these if you know your target market and want to better understand their travel preferences.

  • My destination offers… 10 profiles based around popular visitor activities. Use these if you want to understand what your new target market could be, based on what activities your destination currently offers.



I want to target ...


My destination offers ...



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