Latest National Visitor Survey (NVS) results

Year Ending December 2019

New NVS methodology, 2019

Tourism Research Australia has transitioned NVS sampling to 100% mobile phone interviews (from 50% mobile phone/50% landline) to reflect current phone usage trends. The change in methodology has seen a break in series, so please use caution when comparing 2019 results with previous time periods.

Note that 2017 and 2018 estimates have been revised to align with the latest release of ABS population projections and will differ slightly from previously published estimates.

For further information, see NVS Methodology.

Overnight Spend

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$80.7 billion increase 12%

Overnight trips

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117.4 million increase 12%


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417.9 million increase 12%

Key findings

  • Domestic overnight travel continued to perform well over the year ending December 2019, with 117.4 million visitors spending a record $80.7 billion.
  • Total tourism spend (international and domestic day and overnight) also reached a record $152.4 billion.
  • Transport ($24.7 billion), food and drink ($22.4 billion) and accommodation ($20.3 billion) contributed most to total domestic overnight spend over the year.
  • Two-thirds of domestic overnight trips (79.1 million) were for intrastate travel, though interstate travel generated greater spend overall (56% or $45.0 billion).
  • Interstate trips ($1,173) cost more on average per person than did intrastate trips ($452) primarily due to greater transport expenses and longer trip durations.
  • Visitor nights were most often spent at a friends or relative’s property (34%), in hotels, motels and resorts (24%) and caravanning and camping (14%).