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Reasons for travel and activities

All data relates to June quarter 2023.

Reasons for travel (overnight trips)

The most common purposes of overnight trips for travellers with accessibility needs in June quarter 2023 were:

  • holiday (accounting for 41% of their trips)
  • visiting friends and relatives (37%) and 
  • business (15%).

This pattern of travel for overnight trips when compared with other travellers is similar with respect to daytrips.

Trip activities (overnight trips)

The 5 most popular activities of travellers with accessibility needs were:

1.  Eating out / dining at a restaurant and/or café (partaken in by 64% of travellers with accessibility needs)

2.  Visiting friends and relatives (39%)

3.  Pubs, clubs, discos, etc. (24%)

4.  Going shopping for pleasure (24%)

5.  Sightseeing/looking around (23%)

More detail on the 10 most popular trip activities of overnight travellers is presented in the graph below.

1. Graph shows the proportion of travellers who engaged in activities on overnight trips

Note: Percentages here sum to more than 100% because travellers may have engaged in several activities.

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