Characteristics of travellers with accessibility needs

All data relate to June quarter 2023.

Types of disability of travellers with accessibility needs (overnight trips)

The disabilities/long-term health conditions most reported by domestic overnight travellers were:

  • mental health condition (7.5% of all trips)
  • chemical sensitivity or food allergies (7.5% of all trips)
  • hearing impairment (4.3% of all trips)

Sex of overnight travellers

  • Females made up a higher proportion of overnight travellers with accessibility needs than males
  • Overall, 57% of travellers with accessibility identified as female compared with 43% identifying as male).

Sex ratio of travellers by age group

Although females made up a larger proportion than males of the overall population of travellers with accessibility needs, the sex ratio of the group changed with age

  • Females represented the largest proportion of travellers with accessibility needs in younger age groups, but these proportions became more balanced in older age groups. 

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