Domestic tourism in Australia

Tourism Research Australia produces quarterly results from the National Visitor Survey, as well as trends and forecasts of domestic visitor activity.

Domestic tourism is an important part of Australia’s tourism industry, with Australians undertaking over 100 million overnight trips and spending $67.5 billion in Australia during the year ending June 2018.

Domestic Tourism Results

We produce quarterly results from the National Visitor Survey, including data for total number of visitors, destination, main reasons for travel, spend, accommodation, activities and much more.

Domestic Tourism Trends

The National Visitor Survey provides a rich source of tourism data that allows us to compare key metrics over time. Domestic tourism trends are updated for each financial and calendar year.

Tourism Forecasts

We produce forecasts for domestic travel and spend. The forecasts represent the most likely outcome given past trends, current information and the impact of policy and industry changes.

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