Key results

The 2020-21 Tourism Investment Monitor reveals a tourism investment pipeline of 225 projects with a value of $42.8 billion.

Across the 3 tourism sectors, the pipeline was split by:

  • aviation – 13 projects valued at $16.7 billion
  • arts, recreation and business services – 79 projects valued at $15.7 billion
  • accommodation – 133 projects valued at $10.5 billion, with the potential to add 20,100 rooms to accommodation supply.

The 2020-21 pipeline includes:

  • 40 projects valued at $14.0 billion in the proposed phase
  • 108 projects valued at $13.1 billion in the planning phase
  • 77 projects valued at $15.7 billion in the under-construction phase. 28 of these projects moved into the construction phase in 2020-21.

About the report

The Tourism Investment Monitor reports on:

  • recent trends
  • the location of projects, by state and territory
  • progress through stages of the development timeline.

Projects in the pipeline cover 3 main tourism sectors:

  • aviation
  • arts, recreation, and business services
  • accomodation.

The pipeline includes stand-alone accommodation projects. It excludes mixed-use developments. However, there is also information on the value and volume of mixed-use projects with a tourism component.

Data sources

We used 3 data sources to build the tourism investment pipeline database underpinning this report. They are:

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