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Events and Climate Change – An Australian perspective



The purpose of this paper is to consider how climate change will impact events and how event planners should take climate change mitigation and adaptation in account when planning events


Key words

Climate change, Uncertainty management, Event organization, Adaptation, Mitigation 


Key findings

  • Different types of events are likely to be impacted in different ways by climate change.
  • The events industry has not yet fully recognised the risks posed by climate change
  • Smaller, community events and larger hallmark events are likely to be most seriously affected by climate change, as they are types of events which rely on specific locations and venues.
  • Major events and festivals have limited capacity to adapt to climate change, as they may be able to move venues, but there will be marketing and financial implications of this


Implications for Practice

  • The events industry needs to integrate climate change vulnerability and risk into the planning and design of events
  • Organisers need to be aware of the particular risks to their venues/locations as well as the steps that they can take to mitigate these risks, and adapt to changing climate circumstances


Publication details


Publication Title:


Events and Climate Change – An Australian perspective

Full Publication Reference:

Mair, Judith (2011). Events and Climate Change – An Australian perspective. International Journal of Event and Festival Management 2(3) 245-253

Publication Author or Authors:

Judith Mair

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Dr Judith Mair


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University of Queensland