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Destination Visitor Survey Program

The Destination Visitor Survey (DVS) Program is an Australian Government funded program that began in 2004–05. The program aims to deliver high quality, cost effective and timely research outcomes which meet the information needs of the Australian tourism industry. The objectives of the program are to provide evidence based research that informs and links to national tourism priorities, including those of Tourism 2020.

The DVS program is split into two streams:

  • The Visitor Profile and Satisfaction (VPS) Program which provides benchmarked visitor profile and satisfaction data at the tourism region level.
  • The Strategic Regional Research (SRR) Program which is based on broader strategic regional issues.

Visitor Profile and Satisfaction Survey (VPS) Program

The VPS Program provides profiles of visitors and records their satisfaction with their visit to individual regional tourism destinations. This information is compiled into a single database—the VPS benchmark database, enabling destinations to be benchmarked against others across a number of indicators. To date, over 90 destinations have participated in the VPS Program.

Results from VPS projects are useful at all levels of destination management including planning, development and marketing, by:

  • providing standardised and comparative benchmark data where results can be analysed across destinations
  • offering research executed by research and field teams to alleviate pressure on local tourism organisations, operators and resources
  • identifying opportunities to invest in infrastructure, and filling product information gaps.

Recruitment for the VPS survey includes:

  • Face-to-face interviews to collect expenditure data which are conducted at several locations around a region. Respondent contact details are collected so the main questionnaire can be sent to them.
  • Postcards distributed from stands at several locations around a region, used by respondents to send their contact details.

Respondents fill out the main questionnaire, either online or as a hard copy which is sent to them with a reply paid envelope. Responses are processed and collated into the VPS benchmarking database, and used to develop an executive summary.

All VPS summaries are available from this website – please go to Regional Publications.
The full reports (as provided by the research consultant) are available on request by contacting

Strategic Regional Research (SRR) Program

The SRR Program includes research projects not covered by the VPS Program. SRR projects are diverse, as they offer states and territories the opportunity to undertake research for unique strategic requirements.  To date, over 20 destinations have participated in the SRR Program.

Current SRR projects have offered a range of benefits, including:

  • identifying how STOs should revise their marketing campaigns
  • informing product development and identifying how STOs should develop their product distribution strategy
  • informing local operators of the product opportunities available, and educating them on appropriate use of tourism product (e.g. location and communication channels used to advertise product)
  • providing a basis for influencing planning and strategic development activities for key investors
  • providing policy makers with a greater understanding of the development opportunities for particular regions
  • identifying the best areas for investing future resources.

All SRR project summaries are available from this website – please go to the Regional Publications.  The full reports (as provided by the research consultant) are available on request by contacting