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On 8 May 2012, the Australian Government announced the establishment of the Asia Marketing Fund (AMF) to promote Australia as a tourism destination to growing markets in Asia. In response, Tourism Research Australia has undertaken a number of Asia-focused projects.

Tourism Research Australia’s Asia Projects 

Industry engagement with Asia

This project identified the barriers which may impact on the ability of Australia tourism businesses to engage effectively with Asian markets and developed strategies aimed at overcoming the barriers. Research was conducted using a qualitative methodology. After undertaking an extensive literature review and resource audit, the research held a focus group and conducted interviews with tourism industry experts and operators. Operators included those who are actively engaged with Asia as well as those who have not taken up this opportunity.

A suite of resources to assist small to medium sized tourism enterprises was developed as an outcome of the research. The resources are available at

Asian visitor satisfaction

TRA included a supplementary to the International Visitor Survey (IVS) from 2 January to 30 June 2013 on satisfaction of Chinese visitors to Australia. The supplementary provides a more detailed understanding of the drivers of satisfaction and causes of dissatisfaction among Chinese visitors.

TRA is augmenting this research with a supplementary to the IVS on satisfaction of Japanese and Korean visitors to Australia.

Information of this kind is seen as important in guiding government and industry efforts to better meet the needs of Asian visitors.  


Tourism Research Australia engaged consultants to undertake an investigation of dispersal of Asian visitors in Australia using data from the International Visitor Survey. The broad objective of the project was to develop an understanding of the dispersal, travel behaviours and satisfaction of visitors from a set of Asian countries. The report is available at

Reports from Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia’s Quarterly Market Update provides an update to industry on the current state of international tourism for Australia including for North Asia and South & South East Asia. This report uses data from Tourism Research Australia’s International Visitor Survey and from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.