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About the Tourism Research Advisory Board
Priorities and achievements
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About the Tourism Research Advisory Board

Research provides the evidence base to support policy, investment, planning and marketing actions. It will better enable industry to respond to changing market and economic conditions as well as address structural barriers. The Tourism Research Advisory Board:

  • provides high-level leadership and oversight of research related to the Australian tourism industry
  • reports to the Minister responsible for Tourism
  • is supported by Tourism Research Australia (Secretariat)


  • Austrade
  • Tourism Research Australia
  • Tourism Australia
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • State tourism organsiations
  • Tourism industry organisations
  • Academia
  • Private sector representatives

Priorities and achievements

National Tourism Research Agenda

The Tourism Research Advisory Board identifies key research priorities under the National Tourism Research Agenda (see Related documents), which are endorsed by the Tourism Ministers' Meeting. The research priorities (as of March 2013) are:

  1. Tourist Trends
  2. Performance – Evaluation and Assessment
  3. Facilitation
  4. Tourism Products
  5. Risk/Resilience/Climate Change
  6. Dissemination

State of the Industry report—a key deliverable of the Tourism Directions Conference

The annual State of the Industry report (see Related documents) provides a detailed analysis of how Australian tourism is currently performing, the challenges it will face, and how the industry needs to respond.

Oversight of the Tourism Directions Conference

The Tourism Directions Conference is an annual event that provides an opportunity to assess the state of the tourism industry and directions for future growth.  

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