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Small-Scale Accommodation Survey

Small-Scale Accommodation Survey (SSAS)

Notification of withdrawal of the SSAS

The Small Scale Accommodation Survey (SSAS) was developed to provide reliable information to help grow the sector through improved business planning, and to provide industry and governments with a deeper understanding of sectoral performance.

Since the SSAS was launched in February 2013, industry participation was very low and as a consequence, there were insufficient data to enable reliable information to be reported for most regions.

Whilst Tourism Research Australia, state and territory tourism organisations and industry associations actively promoted the SSAS, the uptake by industry operators was too low for the SSAS to produce the output that was expected.

As a consequence, Tourism Ministers agreed at their October 2013 meeting to accept the Tourism Research Advisory Board recommendation to cease the SSAS.

Importantly, Tourism Ministers are aware of the value of such information and have requested alternative methods to measure and provide meaningful information to the sector be investigated.

Tourism Research Australia thanks you for your support of the Small Scale Accommodation Survey, and we encourage you to get involved in any future surveys.

More information

For more information about the Small-Scale Accommodation Survey, read the Small Scale Accommodation Survey: Evaluation Report or email