Tourism region data profiles include data across July 2018 to December 2020.

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Tourism region profiles data tables Access the data for all regions. 473KB

About the data

The data covers:

  • tourism visitors, nights and spend
  • purpose of visit
  • activities
  • domestic and international markets
  • tourism employment
  • Tourism Gross Value Add (GVA)
  • tourism businesses
  • accommodation (Source: STR data,, August 2021)
  • aviation (Source: Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics, August 2021).

We provide this information to support the development and growth of regional economies.


Data profiles span several different time periods. All percentage changes are based on a comparison to the equivalent previous period. For example, calendar year 2019 is compared to calendar year 2018.

The COVID-19 impacts section specifies individual time periods:

  • pre-Covid results for visitors, nights and spend are for calendar year 2019
  • tourism economy data, including direct employment and direct GVA, are based on financial year 2018-19
  • tourism supply data including businesses, inbound aviation and accommodation are based on financial year 2018-19
  • overnight visitor data including purpose, markets and activities are based on calendar year 2019.

Profile data may vary between regions due to sample sizes. The data tables contain ‘NP’ where sample size is insufficient.

When data was not available, the profiles contain ‘NA’.

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