Tourism Investment Monitor 2019–20

The 2019–20 tourism investment pipeline is the combined number and value of all significant tourism infrastructure projects with a valuation of $20 million and above. The pipeline is an indicator of confidence within the industry and its ability to grow and adapt.

Projects across the 3 main tourism sectors are captured in the pipeline. These are:

  • Accommodation
  • Arts, Recreation, and Business Services
  • Aviation

We analyse the activity in Australia’s tourism investment pipeline to show:

  • current trends
  • location differences
  • progressions through stages of the timeline

The monitor is to help you make informed decisions about whether to enter the market.

Total 2019-20 pipeline

$43.6 billion
255 projects

Arts, recreation and business services

$14.3 billion
Down $1.6 billion compared with 2018-19
69 projects


$18.2 billion
Down $0.1 billion compared with 2018-19
18 projects


$11.1 billion
No change compared with 2018-19
168 projects
27,200 rooms

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