Tourism Investment Monitor 2019–20

Aviation results


Capital cities

$10.3 billion

No change
compared with 2018-19

9 projects


$7.9 billion

Down $0.1 billion
compared with 2018-19

9 projects


$18.2 billion

Down $0.1 billion
compared with 2018-19

18 projects


Aviation will remain a vital component for growing Australia’s tourism industry going forward. This is because of Australia’s wide expanse and remote geographical location.

In 2019–20 there were 18 aviation projects. These were valued at $18.2 billion. These projects were evenly split between capital cities and regional locations. However, value was slightly skewed towards capital cities ($10.3 billion compared to $7.9 billion in regions). This is because of various large scale capital city projects including the:

  • Western Sydney Airport (Badgerys Creek) – $5.3 billion
  • Perth Airport terminal facilities upgrade – $1.5 billion
  • Brisbane Airport’s new parallel runway project – $1.3 billion

No new projects entered the aviation pipeline in 2019–20. However, 2 projects left the pipeline: the expansion of the Busselton-Margaret River regional airport and the Whitsunday Coast Airport upgrade. These were valued at $110 million.


Thirteen projects were in the construction phase. These were valued at $10.0 billion. These investments were distributed across 6 states. The most activity occurred in:

  • Queensland – 5 projects under construction, valued at $2.2 billion
  • New South Wales – 2 projects valued at $5.6 billion
  • Western Australia – 2 projects valued at $1.5 billion
  • Northern Territory – 2 projects valued at $328 million.