State Tourism Satellite Account 2021–22

About this report 

The State Tourism Satellite Account (STSA) 2021–22 highlights the importance of tourism to each state and territory. 

STSA Data Tables are useful in understanding:

  • the value of tourism goods and services consumed by visitors in a state or territory.
  • tourism’s contribution to Gross State Product (GSP), exports and jobs.

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) compiled the 2021-22 STSA. The most recent year is compared with earlier years and a time series of results (2006-07 to 2021-22) is presented in the data tables at the end of this summary.

TRA used its internal data (Regional Expenditure) as sources for the STSA along with:

The STSA complements the work of the TSA. This is done by examining state and territory tourism performance and estimating the indirect economic and jobs impacts of tourism. The detailed statistical tables that accompany this report also include tourism Gross Value Added (GVA), tourism output and data for different tourism industries.  

Read about the terminology we use and how we apply the data in the explanatory notes further below.