Explanatory notes

Revisions to the ABS national accounts data have affected the STSA. These data are revised annually by the ABS to reflect changes in the economy. This is in line with international best practice.

ABS has started updating input-output relationships based on the latest available supply-use tables. In this case this refers to 2018–19. This means that in this edition of the STSA the input-output tables (I-O tables) used in generating indirect contribution of tourism resulting from Output and employment multipliers have also been revised using 2018–19 I-O tables. This has resulted in a revision of results for the whole time-series. This means data from previous editions is not directly comparable to this STSA. 

Regional expenditure data revisions have also affected this STSA. These data are sourced from the:

  • International Visitor Survey (IVS), year ending June 2021
  • National Visitor Survey (NVS), year ending June 2021.