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Travel by Australians: September 2013 quarterly results of the National Visitor Survey

This report contains results from the National Visitor Survey for the September quarter 2013. It provides information on Australian resident travel within Australia, including overnight and day visits, and overseas travel (outbound).

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Key Findings (year ending 30 September 2013)


Overnight travel involves a stay away from home of at least one night, at a place at least 40 kilometres from home. A person is an overnight visitor to a location if they stay one or more nights in the location while travelling.


Total overnight trips

  • There were 76.0 million domestic overnight trips taken in Australia, an increase of 4% compared to the equivalent period in 2012.

Visitor nights

  • Australians spent 284 million nights away from home, up 3% compared to 2012.


  • Two-thirds (67%) of overnight visitors travelled within their home state or territory, and the remaining 33% travelled interstate.

State/territory visits

  • New South Wales received the most visitors (34%), followed by Victoria (24%) and Queensland (24%).

State/territory visitor nights

  • New South Wales received the most visitor nights (30%), followed by Queensland (26%) and Victoria (19%).


  • Overnight visitors who travelled for holiday purposes contributed almost 47% of domestic visitor nights, followed by those visiting friends and relatives (32%) and business travellers (16%).


  • In terms of visitor nights, the most popular type of accommodation was a friend's or relative's property (37%), followed by a hotel, resort, motel or motor inn (26%).


  • The most common forms of transport for overnight visitors were private vehicles (72%) and air transport (24%).


  • Overnight visitors spent $51.7 billion, up 5% compared to 2012.