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High-Spending Asian Leisure Visitors 6 Aug 2015
Growing demand from Asia is a strategic priority for the Australian Government’s tourism strategy, Tourism 2020. This summary outlines key findings from a study undertaken by Tourism Research Australia on behalf of Tourism Australia to better understand ‘high-spending’ Asian leisure visitors.
Dispersal of Chinese free and independent leisure visitors in Australia 18 Mar 2015
This research—undertaken by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) in partnership with Tourism Australia—examines free and independent leisure visitors from China and their dispersal patterns, using data from TRA’s International Visitor Survey for the period 2011 to 2013.
Chinese Visitor Satisfaction 28 Jan 2014
China is Australia’s fastest growing inbound tourism market and largest contributor to international visitor spending in Australia. By 2022−23, the number of Chinese visitors is forecast to increase from 685,000 to 1.4 million and their real inbound tourism expenditure from $4.4 billion to $8.2 billion. Given the China market’s significance and potential for further growth, this research was undertaken by Tourism Research Australia—on behalf of Tourism Australia—to better understand the drivers ...
Understanding dispersal of Asian visitors: The International Visitor Survey data mining project (summary) 9 Dec 2013
This research investigates dispersal of Asian visitors beyond the major gateway cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, during their visit to Australia. The research also examines other travel behaviours and trip satisfaction of Asian visitors.
Strategies to assist tourism industry SMEs to engage with Asian markets (Executive summary) 28 Oct 2013
This research was undertaken by Tourism Research Australia (TRA), on behalf of Tourism Australia, as part of the Asia Marketing Fund (AMF) research. The AMF aims to attract more visitors from Asia - one of the world's fastest growing tourism regions.