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National Visitor Survey results

Travel by Australians: Results of the National Visitor Survey for year ending March 2018

As part of continuous improvement in the National Visitor Survey (NVS), in 2014 Tourism Research Australia (TRA) began mobile phone interviewing to deliver greater domestic tourism data accuracy by better representing Australia’s population. In late 2015, TRA identified and implemented an improved phone number data set that better represented the mobile-user population by telecommunication company. However, this caused unexpected growth rates for some smaller population areas and for business travel. TRA has revised the estimates for 2014 and 2015 data to ensure the continuation of the time series, and the revised estimates were included in the release of year ending March 2017 data and onwards.

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Tourism Research Australia (TRA) has enhanced its procedures for coding purpose of visit for domestic overnight trips when respondents had more than 21 stopovers on a trip. These respondents were not asked the reasons for their stopovers, so TRA has assigned the main purpose of the trip as the stopover purpose. Consequently, historical estimates – especially for the holiday category – may be higher than those previously published.

National Visitor Survey result year ending December 2017

National Visitor Survey: Revision of 2014 and 2015 Data

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