This release provides tourism region maps and an allocation file for each and state and territory in 2022, based on the 2021 edition of the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS):

  • Tourism regions – are defined in consultation with the relevant national and state/territory tourism organisations. Each tourism region is constructed from allocations of whole Statistical Area Level 2s (SA2s), which are small spatial units of the ASGS.
  • Allocation file – provides name and codes of tourism regions, and details the SA2s from which they have been constructed.

Note that the ABS manage the ASGS, however, tourism region boundaries are only updated every 5 years at each Census. In the interim, TRA manages the tourism region boundaries and publishes updated files every other year. TRA advises the ABS of new boundaries prior to each Census.

Additional material

Supporting material include ESRI Shape files and Google Earth kmz files that provide digital boundaries for all tourism regions.