Tourism Research Australia’s Local Government Area Profiles assist industry and Government decision making and identify and support investment opportunities, particularly in regional Australia.

Profiles are only prepared for Local Government Areas with adequate International Visitor Survey and/or National Visitor Survey sample to produce robust results. Further, data are averaged over four years, which minimises the impact of variability in estimates from year to year, and provides for more robust volume estimates. Profiles are provided for international travel, domestic overnight travel, and/or domestic day travel.

The Local Government boundaries used are as classified in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS): Volume 3 from July 2018 and produced by the ABS. Tourism Research Australia classified all Local Government Areas outside of capital city areas and the Gold Coast as ‘regional’. In addition, a number of Local Government Areas on the outskirts of these areas are also classified as ‘regional’ (e.g. Gosford City Council, Shire of Mornington Peninsula).

The 2019 profiles have been presented in PowerBI format. This has allowed more information to be presented, increased data visualisation and made it easier to move between profiles than previously (see below).

In all, nearly 300 Local Government Area Profiles are available for 2019.

List of the Local Government Areas by state

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