Latest International Visitor Survey (IVS) results

Year Ending March 2018

Please note that the International Visitor Survey (IVS) results for the March quarter 2018 are preliminary and do not include any data relating to purpose of visit. This is because the quality of the main purpose of visit component of the passenger data supplied to TRA by the Department of Home Affairs has been identified as a concern. There are no issues with the survey collection. Work is currently in progress to resolve these issues and it is likely that a back cast of TRA data will be required. TRA will release revised estimates once a solution has been implemented.

TRA wishes to advise that International Visitor Survey results for the June Quarter 2018 will be delayed. TRA are investigating additional concerns with the passenger data used for benchmarking of the survey results. We will advise of the new release date as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Read more


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8.3 million increase 8%


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269 million increase 3%


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$42.3 billion increase 6%

Key findings

  • China continued to drive growth in visitation with an increase in visitors and spend (both up 13%) and nights (up 8%). China alone accounted for 52% of total growth in international visitor spend during the year.
  • The US continued to perform well with an increase in visitor numbers of 10% to a record 751,000 and spend up 4% to $3.8 billion. Japan also recorded positive results during the year with visitor numbers increasing 3%, nights up 11% and spend up 2% to reach $1.8 billion.
  • Visitor numbers from Hong Kong grew 26% to 277,000 and spend 9% to $1.3 billion, while visitor numbers from India increased by 18%, nights 16% and spend 14% to $1.5 billion.

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