Latest International Visitor Survey (IVS) results

Year Ending December 2018

TRA’s release of International Visitor Survey results for year ending December 2018 includes revisions to purpose-of-visit estimates from 2005 to 2018 (see International Visitor Survey methodology for further information). The effect of the revisions on visitor, nights and spend estimates was minimal.

An updated time series is available at International tourism trends. Please do not use/compare previously published data with these latest estimates.


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8.5 million increase 5%


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274 million increase 4%


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$43.9 billion increase 7%

Key findings

  • China continued as the top market with 1.3 million visitors (up 5%) and spend of $11.7 billion (up 13%), however, China’s rate of growth has been slowing.
  • New Zealand is still the second largest market with 1.3 million visitors (up 2%), and spend of $2.6 billion (up 4%).
  • Of the remaining top five markets, Japan recorded the strongest growth, with arrivals reaching 434,000 (up 8%) and spend $2 billion (up 11%); the US experienced softer growth, recording 744,000 arrivals (up 1%) and spend of $3.8 billion (up 2%); and the UK saw arrivals remaining steady at 688,000, with spend falling to $3.4 billion (down 1%).
  • India continues to be the strongest performing market overall, with arrivals achieving 336,000 (up 18%) and spend $1.7 billion (up 21%).

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