Tourism plays a significant part in Australia’s economy, contributing to both GDP and employment. Tourism Research Australia’s strategic research and analysis program focuses on delivering measures of the structure and performance of the Australian tourism industry. Our analysis brings together key findings from our own surveys with supply and demand intelligence from a broad range of sources to support policy making, marketing and industry development.

Economic and industry analysis reports cover issues such as the value of tourism to the Australian economy (both directly and indirectly), industry performance, current market dynamics and emerging trends. We also produce an annual State of the Industry report, which analyses the current performance of the Australian tourism industry, the challenges ahead, and how the industry needs to respond.

State of the Industry

State of the Industry report reviews our visitor economy’s performance.

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Economic value

Estimates the contribution of tourism to the economy, through measures of tourism gross domestic product, tourism gross value added, tourism trade and tourism employment.

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Tourism Investment Monitor

Australia’s Tourism Investment Pipeline outlines the number and value of significant infrastructure projects in the three main sectors of Australia’s tourism industry, namely Accommodation; Arts, Recreation and Business Services; and Aviation.

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Tourism businesses

Estimates the number of businesses in Australia’s tourism industry and includes data on the size of tourism-related businesses, and their main activities and locations across Australia.

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Australian Accommodation Monitor

The Australian Accommodation Monitor is a national data collection capable of providing accommodation information to the tourism region level and replaces the previous Survey of Tourist Accommodation. Available 18 July 2018.

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