Regional Tourism Satellite Account 2018–19

The Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts provide annual data for Australia’s tourism regions. This data includes:

  • tourism gross value added (GVA) – direct, indirect and total
  • tourism gross regional product (GRP) – direct, indirect and total
  • tourism employment by full time or part time
  • tourism consumption by visitor type (international or domestic)
  • population
  • number of tourism businesses

This data allows for comparison between:

  • individual regions
  • the tourism industry and other industries in the economy

State and territory profiles

Explore state and territory data.

Choose a state or territory from the tabs. Select a tourism region. You can view:

  • Regional summary – a time series of the data from 2007–08 to 2018–19
  • Consumption by tourism product
  • Gross value added – the economic value of goods and services produced
  • Employment by industry
  • State summary – direct, indirect and total results

Industries in tourism are classified in 2 key categories: 

  • Tourism characteristic industry — at least 25% of its output must be consumed by visitors
  • Tourism connected industry — must have a tourism-related product that’s directly identifiable and significant for visitor consumption



Explore summary data

You can explore summary data by:

  • choosing a state and a tourism region using the drop down menus
  • viewing the data for 2018–19 and the change from 2017–18 in the table
  • hovering over the chart elements to show total result


Explanatory notes

These explain how we produce the satellite account data and how to interpret it.

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